My First Time With An Escort

Having just finished high school and still looking for ways to look cool, I tried out so many things to stay relevant among the boys. We smoked weed for the first time with my boys. Smoking then became normal so we had to do something new that will get people talking.

I got home one night and with my computer, researched for Escorts and was shocked to discover countless escort companies readily available without age restrictions. Just after approximately one hour, I found and practically spat my mouthful of malt whiskey throughout the laptop.

I stumbled upon a very beautiful escort. Probably the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. So, I decided that regardless of how nervous I was, it will become a journey as well as experience and might be really the only person among my friends who had shagged a hot lady, so that should be well worth something.

She arrived at my apartment looking all sexy and called me by my name. Since I didn’t want to waste time and have my mum calling to ask what we were doing, I rushed things a little bit. She asked me what I really looked forward to. I wasn’t ready for the question and don’t remember my response. I told her I hadn’t been with an escort before. I think she told me the rules of the game: no fingers in her pussy and no kissing above the neck.

I had been nervous about coming too fast, so I had emptied the nut sack a while before hand. My refractory ability wasn’t what it used to be, and combined with my nervousness, my body couldn’t climax. At least not within my 1/2 hour.

Anyway, I got hard straight away. I made love to this beautiful escort for the whole hour. Ooops!!! Forgot to tell you her name-Nicole. Nicole was very passionate too. We kissed for a long while then followed the blow job – omg, it was amazing. I placed her on the bed and put my cock, with the condom, into her.

I liked Nicole so much that I hired her on several occasions. We went out severally after that too, a freebie. However, I still paid for the meals. We would bang for a few hours but only charged me for the first one. Nicole was the best experience ever.

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